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Big Changes for a Small Kitchen

We got the call to check out this kitchen from our past clients turned friends the Murphys. Their daughter Casey who owns the home had been working to upgrade her space and needed a little help adding more style and function into her slightly dysfunctional kitchen. We were happy to help and got to work both developing a more efficient layout for flow and creating a design that better reflected Casey's sweet personality.


Casey's kitchen isn't large by any means, but it isn't as small as it appeared with the old design. The original layout comprised of a U-shape configuration in which all three major zones (stove, sink, and refrigerator) were cramped into the space. This left little room for prep and also ate up valuable storage space since a large portion of the "U" was being used to house the appliances instead of cabinetry. The design also included soffits that didn't seem to have much purpose. An open space on the other side of the kitchen was used for a small table with two chairs, but Casey noted they didn't really need the space for eating.


We wanted to maximize the storage and prep potential of the space so we moved the refrigerator to the unused wall in the kitchen and flanked it with a pantry cabinet with rollout shelves. We also removed the soffits to allow for taller wall cabinets. We replaced the old fluorescent lights with dimmable wafer lights for brighter and more evenly distributed lighting. As a busy working mom, we wanted to give Casey durable and easy-to-maintain finishes, so we installed white oak LVP flooring, Caesarstone quartz countertops, and porcelain tile backsplash. We added a friendly shade of aqua to the walls to finish out the space.


Cabinets: York Linen, CC Home Remodeling

Countertops: Raindream Quartz, Caesarstone

Backsplash: Moda Del Mar Aster Porcelain 4x4, Floor & Decor

Flooring: Stainmaster Aubrey Oak, Lowes

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