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Flooding a Kitchen with Charm



When the Franz family first called us in to check out their country kitchen, they were struggling to make due with a space that had been left in shambles after an unfortunate flood that had left a significant amount of damage in its wake. Having already helped the Franz family a couple of years ago with their master bathroom that had also been destroyed by water, we couldn't believe their misfortune with their existing plumbing and went to work helping to design and build a new space that would help them leave behind their homeowner frustrations and fall in love with their house again.


We reconfigured the layout by moving the refrigerator to the recessed pantry space which allowed us to move the cooktop from the island, making the island more seating friendly. We turned the outdated drop desk station into a serving area and coffee bar, and added open shelving around the window for a more casual vibe.

We added wainscoting around the breakfast area to bring some depth to that side of the room and grounded the space with a slate-like ceramic tile. Gold and brass hardware and fixtures along with the vintage toffee-stained island and shelving brought a pop of warmth against the cool whites, grays, and blues of the walls, cabinets, and counters.



The Franz master bath was full of builder-grade materials and the layout left the space feeling dark and confined.


We removed the linen closet that consumed one entire wall in the bathroom and ate up a lot of the available real estate. In its place, we added a linen cabinet and a makeup station, so there would still be plenty of storage for bathroom necessities but also some additional function in what had been mostly wasted space. Removing that closet and opening the space further between the shower area and the vanity created open sightlines that made the bathroom feel much more bright and airy.

A feature wall behind the vanity gave a little more dimension to the space and quartz countertops provided an effortless pop of organic beauty.

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