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How to Wow with White Quartz Countertops

Maybe it's the simplicity and pure beauty of a white quartz counter, or maybe we're just feeling inspired by the current status of our snowy landscape here in Xenia, Ohio ❄️, but whatever it is, today we want to look at some designs that we love that combine plenty of white space and visual intrigue.

Before we start, though, let's clear the air on a common misconception. You know that beautiful white furniture or that luxurious white rug that looks so great in someone else's home but you would NEVER put in your own house because let's face it: that thing would look fantastic for about 15 minutes before someone would inevitably spill something and it would be totally ruined forever?

Well, white quartz countertops are not like that furniture or rug at all. If you read our post Granite or Quartz: Which one is really better?, you know that one of the major advantages of quartz is that it's non-porous, which means if the red koolaid or the red wine gets spilled on your counter, you won't have to begrudgingly walk past a crimson stain for the next 20 years because the liquid won't soak into the surface. With a quick cleanup, your beautiful white counter will stay a beautiful white counter. #winning

Now that we covered that important piece of info, let's dive into these white quartz counter design ideas that'll bring the wow factor to your space!

Pair it with a Patterned Backsplash

In the graphic design world, we typically use white space to surround a focal point so as to not overwhelm the senses and to draw the eye where we want it to go. In kitchen design, we can use white space to do the same thing by using white counters to support a bold patterned tile backsplash.

We love this geometric pattern that plays off of the chocolate cabinets and lends an earthy feel to the space.

Design: johnmcclaindesign

Photography: nativehousephotography

If you're feeling extra adventurous and have a tendency to lean toward artistic and creative ways to bring visual appeal to a space, consider using your backsplash as wall art.

This tile brings a touch of the tropics into the space and sets the standard for the room's color palette, making it easy to choose decorative elements that fit effortlessly into the overall design.

The white quartz counters melt into the background along with the cabinetry, creating a framed art effect.

Design: @isabel_ladd_interiors


Set up a Pop of Color

If you love color but want to maintain clean lines and a fresh, airy feeling, try combining white quartz counters with a colored backsplash.

This one ads both a subtle dash of color and a voguish aesthetic with its crackled Arabesque-inspired pattern.

Adding in small touches of wood tones through supporting elements helps to ground the design and make it more inviting.

Photography: Tilebar

This bold and fun blue glass and marble backsplash steals the shows and takes the eye on a visual journey. The white quartz counter helps to balance out the overall look by providing a solid base for the senses.

Photography: Tilebar


Make it Earthy & Bright

Create a soothing and earth-inspired environment by leaning into nature for some color inspiration. By combining the clean lines of white quartz counters with organic colors and texture, you can transform your space into a modern retreat for your family and friends.

This green glass mosaic plays nicely off the golden tones of the cabinets and adds just enough color to stimulate the senses without overwhelming the eye.

This beautiful combination uses a color that is far too often overlooked as a neutral option: blue. This soft yet commanding glazed ceramic tile reminds us of the ocean, bringing a soothing fluidity to the overall aesthetic.

The weathered wood finish on the island helps to reinforce the organic feel of the space while the gold tones of the light fixtures and faucet add a hint of sunshine to the mix.

Design By @londonpiercedesign⁠


Show Off Your Hardware

Color psychology tells us that there are certain colors or color combination that evoke specific emotions and meaning in our brains.

A white and gold combo, created here with an all white backdrop to the brass hardware and faucet, can set the stage for those who enjoy environments that feel pure and clean.

The bonus? With such a neutral backdrop, you can switch out decor easily to introduce new colors and textures as your mood changes.

Photography: Tilebar


If you think white quartz counters might be the right fit for you, we encourage you to check out the line that we carry: Caesarstone. On their website you can find their message of sustainable practices and commitment to the environment along with the details on their Lifetime Warranty.

And when you're ready to get started, contact us to schedule your FREE in-home or virtual Discovery Session!

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